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Food Safety and X-ray Inspection Services

Industry-Leading X-ray Inspection Services for Food Companies

If there’s a foreign contaminant in your product, FlexXray can find it. Our medical grade X-ray food inspection technology can detect metal, glass particles, stones, bone, rubber, plastic, gasket material, product clumps, container defects, buckshot, wood and missing components 0.8mm or smaller.

Throughout the entire X-ray food inspection process, we maintain traceability so you know the specific lot, pallet and batch numbers in which we found the contaminant. Our in-depth reporting covers everything down to the smallest of details, including machine time and opening and closing delta temperatures.

Because we trace every step of the process, you’ll know whether the contaminant happened at your own plant or at one of your suppliers’ facilities.

We provide an initial report of our findings back to you within hours of completing the inspection. We also remove the contaminant and send it to you with a comprehensive report within 24 to 48 hours of the inspection.

FlexXray’s food safety and inspection services don’t stop there. We serve numerous industries beyond food, including animal and pet products, pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals, consumer goods, automotive, cosmetics and industrial goods.

In addition, we offer can and jar dud detection, X-ray machine rentals, contaminant retrieval, warehousing and product re-bundling.

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