Xray Food Inspection

It happens to every food company. During the process, contaminants can enter your food product. Sometimes you know right away, and sometimes you don’t suspect an issue took place until later. In either case, you know you don’t want to circulate food if there is any chance there are foreign bodies in the product.

FlexXray has developed leading, certified technology and processes to use advanced x-ray technology to inspect products specifically for food companies. Although they look like a TSA line at the airport, our systems are highly customized machines and processes built specifically to find contaminants like metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, and rubber in food products of all types. What we do is find needles in haystacks – but the needles we find are even smaller than needles in a haystack. In fact, FlexXray can find contaminants down to 0.8mm or smaller.

If you know or just believe you have some kind of contaminant in your product, call us and we’ll explain to you how we can help you be certain. If you do have a food contamination situation, we can separate the contaminated product from the good product and return both to you, pick the contaminants out, or dispose of contaminants and contaminated product. It’s your choice. We’ll walk you through the options on the phone.

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Can Inspection

Cans, bottles, or jars flow off your production lines every day.

Whether they are 14oz cans, 28oz cans, 12oz bottles, or some other size or format – they typically all look fine, as they fly by on your production line or sit on pallets ready to go out to customers. The challenge is, most companies have some kind of sealing issue at some point. Tops go on crooked, lids don’t seal, vacuums don’t set right – and it’s nearly impossible to tell by physical or visual inspection.

FlexXray can help you confirm quickly that your cans are full, tops are sealed, and no issues exist. We have leading technology that helps us quickly and efficiently check your vacuums, seals, and other closures to ensure your product is safe and ready for travel and sale.

Whether you are concerned about vacuum seals, pop tops, or other closures, one thing is certain; you don’t want cans, bottles, or jars on the shelf if they are not sealed properly. Let FlexXray help you check your cans with rapid, efficient inspection and repacking services.

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Process Recovery

You have worked hard to develop efficient line processes.

Everything works well and everyone does what he/she/ or it (in the case of machines) are supposed to do on a daily basis. However, when something goes wrong and you are faced with product that is impaired, are you set up to fix it?

FlexXray is.

Let us help you recover bracketed product. Whether it is finding contaminants, removing contaminants, repackaging, relabeling, stamping, or some other activity that needs to take place so you don’t have to dispose of product and start from scratch, FlexXray can save you time and money.

Unless you have a team of recovery specialists sitting around waiting for a problem (which we all hope won’t ever happen) to happen, then call FlexXray so our team of recovery specialists can get you out of a bind quickly and efficiently.

We’ll save you time, money, and all the negative impacts of disruption.

You wouldn’t bake cookies in a toaster oven or dry spaghetti in a sauna, would you? We were made for this.

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Give FlexXray® a call now (817.453.3539) or contact us today


We know it’s a hassle when a contaminant makes its way into your product.

Thank heavens there are better answers than throwing it away. That’s why you call FlexXray – to confirm there is an issue, to find the contaminants, and then to remove them or dispose of them. There’s nobody better in the business.

Once we have removed the contaminants or disposed of the contaminated product, your goods are ready to get to the store or on to the customer. Over the years, we’ve found lots of ways to make that whole process easier on our customers. Let us make your life easier, too.

We repack, rewrap, and repalletize product for customers every day. Some even designate FlexXray as a distribution center in their systems to make the process easier. We’ll pack it up, load it up, and send your truck on its way. Our job is making your life easier.

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Check Weighing

This one is too full.

This one is too empty.

This one is juuussstt right.

Sounds like the Three Bears? Nope. It’s the service experts at FlexXray helping another customer ensure all the cans, bottles, or jars are filled properly to standards.

You run containers all day (and sometimes all night) at light speed. Of course there are minor mistakes or issues from time to time. If you know there is an issue or even if you aren’t sure, let FlexXray do a weight inspection for you. We’ll identify any abnormalities and help you address them quickly and efficiently.

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HACCP & FSMA Audit Services

The food business is as exciting as it has ever been – but it is becoming more and more complex every year. We know you already go to great lengths to make great food and to keep your customers safe.

That said, you’d be surprised to hear how frequently we identify issues our customers didn’t even know about while we are conducting inspections. The truth of the matter is, little issues slip through the cracks from time to time in any food operation. With a process at your plant that runs fast, it is inevitable that you’ll miss something sometime.

Here’s a new way to reduce the risk of having issues down the road. FlexXray now offers a new HACCP & FSMA Audit Service to help companies proactively reduce issues and address new requirements for process validation.

On an annual basis, we’ll develop a validation process with you and conduct quarterly inspections of your product to ensure and document that your HACCP and FSMA programs are working as planned.

This program is intended to support your in-plant HACCP and FSMA processes and to meet recent changes in HACCP and FSMA regulations requiring in-house process validation/verification. Let’s talk it over together.

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