About Us

FlexXray® story

FlexXray has been an industry pioneer since its founding.

Don Forrest built FlexXray’s first inspection system in 2001 and found it had great value to the food industry. When a local bakery contacted Don and asked if he could help locate “a missing bolt” in a run of 200 pies baked for a large event, Don said, “Well – let me try, and I’ll let you know.” FlexXray found two bolts, saved 198 pies, and secured the first of many committed, long-time customers. We still focus on finding needles in haystacks – we just do it better, faster, and with greater accuracy than anyone else in the business.

Today FlexXray serves some of the largest food companies in North America as well as some really neat new food company startups. Size doesn’t matter to us; if your company has a product issue, we are ready to help. In fact, FlexXray counts as satisfied customers hundreds of plants from New England to Florida, across mid-America and into Central America, and even out to the west coast. Every day trucks bring food products to FlexXray, and every day FlexXray sends product back to its customers, ready to return to their respective sales and distribution channels.

FlexXray is now led by Kevin Fritzmeyer, a professional, experienced CEO with deep food business and manufacturing services expertise. Kevin and his expanded management team run multiple shifts at our 60,000 square foot facility in Arlington, TX.

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FlexXray® focus

FlexXray has been helping food companies recover from production mishaps since its founding. It’s what we do. We are professionals who are trained to do exactly what is needed and get you back on the road quickly, just like a high performance pit crew.

FlexXray team members have been working with food companies for 100+ years combined.

We know production issues happen from time to time; they are a normal part of food preparation and packaging. What happens after the issue pops up is what matters.

Our goal is to take problems off your hands so your team and your production line can keep working.

Customers call FlexXray for the same reason you take your car to the mechanic, call a plumber if the pipes are clogged, or call an ambulance if someone is really sick or hurt. It’s not what you do every day, the costs and risks associated with getting it wrong are high, and the benefit of getting it right is great.

FlexXray is like a needle-in-a-haystack finder and a Nascar pit crew combined. We find the problem, fix it, and get your food back on the road. By working with FlexXray, you keep your plant focused on what it does best and leave the clean up to us.

Hand your problems to FlexXray. We’ve done this before. Thousands of plant managers, quality control managers, food safety directors, and production crews trust FlexXray to help when problems arise.

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FlexXray® process

FlexXray can make this simple and painless.

Call us, explain the issue at hand, and we’ll make a plan with you to get it solved. If you prefer email, that is fine, too. We may have you send a sample so we are all sure we can help. For standard containers, products, or issues, we may not need a sample.

For more detail, walk through the diagram below or call us. We are happy to arrange a visit or virtual tour for our customers at any time.

FlexXray® team

FlexXray has assembled a team of responsive experts who can help you solve whatever food product issues you are facing.

We have seasoned experts running our quoting, planning, logistics, processing, picking, and packing operations. This isn’t our first rodeo.

We have seen thousands of types of food products in boxes, cans, bags, bottles, glass, plastic, metal, and everything inbetween. If you send food in it, we have worked on it.

This may be your first time having a potential contaminant; it isn’t the first time we’ve inspected product for contaminants. We do it every day.

This may be the first time you are concerned about a low volume or swelled can; it isn’t the first time we have inspected cans. We do cans all the time.

You make, package, market, and distribute food. We wouldn’t try to do that – it’s not what we do. If you need to inspect or recover food product, call the experts at FlexXray. We’ll help you navigate the situation professionally and efficiently. It’s what we do all the time.

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