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Food XRAY Inspection

Food Inspection Services You Can Trust

Food companies trust FlexXray because its customer service, efficiency, and effectiveness are second to none. When an issue arises, you won’t find better help.

Whether you have a potential contaminant, cans that may not have filled or sealed properly, or another production problem, FlexXray can respond quickly with a customized suite of services to help you mitigate the issue rapidly and cost-effectively.

FlexXray has developed a reputation for impeccable customer service, unmatched ability to pinpoint contaminants and product issues, and the flexibility to scale up or adjust services to meet your unique needs. Just ask our customers what they think about FlexXray.

FlexXray has been solving problems for the best known food companies and the smallest food business startups for years. This is all we do. It’s our meat and potatoes…our bread and butter, so to speak.

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