We have used FlexXray as our provider of inspection services for many years because of their efficiency and expertise in identifying minute pieces of debris, allowing us to salvage as much product as we can. This is not something we can conduct in-house.

Senior Production Manager

I would recommend FlexXray because have seen the work that they conduct for this plant and it is always high quality.

Quality Control Manager

I would definitely recommend FlexXray to any other division of the company that needed a batch of food inspected, especially for metal or other small debris.

Quality Assurance Division Manager

I would rate FlexXray a ten without question. They are a great company with great service and technology.

Senior Production Manager

Their strength is on the technical side. FlexXray is able to detect metal at the smallest levels.

Quality Assurance Department Manager

FlexXray is very efficient at identifying small particles. The quality of their service is excellent.

Senior Manufacturing Manager

I always receive the best level of customer service from them.

Quality Assurance Manager 

FlexXray continues to make improvements, they consistently perform well, and they always exceed my expectations.

Quality Assurance Division Manager

Their lead times are great and that is the reason we work with FlexXray.

Logistics Manager

FlexXray usually works me into the schedule and delivers with great turnaround.

Quality Assurance Manager