Eliminating Foreign Material Contamination in Animal Products

Food safety for pets and animals has become a growing cause of concern in the industry. Today’s consumers are more informed — and more concerned — about what goes into their pet’s food, and FlexXray can make sure that your animal food product is free from contamination. We inspect a variety of pet and animal supplies, including:

  • Dry bagged food
  • Canned wet food
  • Semi-moist food and treats
  • Commercial raw food
  • Dog treats
  • Cat treats
  • Bulk animal feed

The same sophisticated technology that protects human-grade food can keep pet and animal food free from metal, bone, stone, rubber, plastic and more. And, because our X-ray technology can detect foreign materials 0.8mm or smaller, you can be assured that nothing is going into your product that doesn’t belong there.

FlexXray has the tools and technology to protect pets from ingesting foreign contaminants, and protect your company from recalls, boycotts and lawsuits.