Foreign Material Triage for Food Companies

Triage sounds like a French dessert…but it’s not.

When food companies have a potential physical contamination or foreign material issue, it often stops production in its tracks. Questions arise about whether the food that has been produced can be released to the supply chain and whether whatever issue took place is continuing or not.  Most food companies are not set up to figure these things out alone.  FlexXray is the leading provider of inspection and recovery services because it focuses its entire operation and professional management team on helping food companies triage – or assess quickly and efficiently – food hold situations.

FlexXray® helps some of the top food companies in the world triage product holds and determine how to proceed.  By doing so, FlexXray helps companies achieve their food quality and safety goals and keep the production activity going, thus saving money, time, and customer frustration.

Foreign material detection is crucial for food companies.  With people and machines involved – mistakes happen in every food company.  The best food companies (from mom and pops to global food companies) know to get outside help to make sure food contamination is assessed and handled professionally.

FlexXray® works with companies of all sizes to inspect food when there is a contamination or potential contamination issue – and detects physical contaminants quickly and efficiently using our proprietary x-ray inspection equipment.  FlexXray can help recover the good product to the supply chain or FlexXray can remove the contaminants and return or dispose of product as directed by its customers.

If you think you might have a physical contaminant in your food, call FlexXray for a quick, professional discussion of how to triage and proceed.