Case Studies

A customer called FlexXray with concerns about low vacuum and swelled containers.  FlexXray inspected 14 trailer loads of canned meat product.  FlexXray identified the defective containers, sent defective containers to the customer for validation, back filled the cases, shrink wrapped  cases together, repalletized the product, and sent it on its way in record time.

A Midwest customer called FlexXray after discovering a lot of canned fruit product received incorrect “sell by” stamps. The FlexXray team worked around the clock to remove incorrect code dates from 17 trailer loads of product and recode the cases and containers.  FlexXray repacked the product, shrink wrapped it and sent it on to the customer’s distribution center where it was placed back in circulation in time for the holidays.

A new West Coast customer found FlexXray with a google search.  This new customer called to inquire about inspection of fresh, temperature sensitive product for metal.  FlexXray received a sample overnight by FedEx and confirmed FlexXray could detect the metal. The customer sent trucks to FlexXray immediately; we inspected 4 truckloads of product in less than 36 hours, breaking down pallets between 2 lines, and constantly monitoring product temperature.  We worked with the customer to ship outbound to club store and specialty grocery distribution centers. From first contact the project was completed in less than a week.

A Midwest company delivered a sample of its 5 lb. frozen product to see if we could detect pieces of an o-ring gasket.  We worked through concerns of an easily pierced product bag. The bags of product had to go back into the master case exactly as originally packed.  We rearranged FlexXray’s schedule complete the project within a week.  FlexXray found the gasket.

A niche food ingredient manufacturer called FlexXray with concerns about metal shavings in its large containers of powdered product.  After confirming FlexXray could detect the contaminants, FlexXray completed a 40 trailer project for this first-time customer.  FlexXray inspected large bags for metal on multiple lines two shifts a day for three weeks.  The product was reboxed, recoded and sent to the customer’s distribution warehouses.

A producer of large cans of vegetables routinely sends FlexXray completed product.  We decase, individually inspect cans for stones and metal, recase the product, shrink wrap it, code it and send it on its way. FlexXray has been supporting with this customer as part of its standard processes for nearly 10 years.

This upper Midwest based customer sent 3 truckloads of product to FlexXray for check weighing.  We confirmed the inspect parameters, decased the product, individually check weighed the cans, recased, shrink wrapped, coded and shipped this long shelf life product in less than 2 weeks.

A salsa maker asked FlexXray to inspect glass jars for plastic contaminants. This was a quick turn project involving decasing, xray inspection, recasing, shrink wrap and coding.  FlexXray communicated findings real time with email updates and digital photos.  The project was wrapped up with recovered contaminants sent overnight to the customer.

FlexXray inspected cookies for this multinational cereal and cookie producer.  Metal was found in 30 plus cases of product.  The product was not released for shipment.  FlexXray provided the customer a Certificate of Destruction, and disposed of the product for the customer.

FlexXray received a call from a Southeastern US producer of spreadable product in plastic jars.  The customer was concerned about metal in the product.  FlexXray didn’t wait for overnight samples, but went to several local stores to purchase various types of product and container sizes to confirm contaminants could be found.  FlexXray dedicated its entire night shift to inspecting this product on a quick turn basis and inspected 100,000 cases in four weeks.